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Question 1: Another musical use of MIDI pedals would be to have each pedal linked to a different drum sound, such as a bass drum, snare, and cymbals; this would permit the performance of rudimentary ________ parts.
Drum kitHi-hatTom-tom drumRototom

Question 2: Bass pedals serve the same function as the pedalboard on a church ________ or a jazz organ, and usually produce sounds in the bass range.
Organ (music)Classical musicBaroque musicPipe organ

Question 3: The earliest bass pedals from the 1970s consisted of a pedalboard and ________ tone generation circuitry packaged together as a unit.
Moog synthesizerAnalog synthesizerRoland CorporationModular synthesizer

Question 4: computer networking, as demonstrated by the early ________ game MIDI Maze, 1987
First-person shooterAction gameLight gun shooterPlatform game

Question 5: Pedalboards have been a standard feature on pipe organs for centuries, and since the 1930s, electromechanical organs such as the ________ often included pedalboards.
Organ trioClonewheel organProgressive rockHammond organ

Question 6: Despite these efforts, most players used them for ________, and the nickname bass pedals stuck.
JazzBass guitarBasslineMusic

Question 7: The different pedals can be assigned to perform different chords, which allows a ________-style performer to perform chords with a single foot-press.
One-man bandMungo JerryBlack metalLenny Kravitz

Question 8: Several progressive rock groups (such as Yes, Genesis, and Rush) and the alternative rock groups U2 and ________ used bass pedals.
Sting (musician)Synchronicity (album)Stewart CopelandThe Police

Question 9: Bass pedals are an electronic musical instrument with foot-operated ________ with a range of one or more octaves.
Progressive rockMoog TaurusPipe organPedal keyboard

Question 10: Moog called this instrument a "Pedal ________" in their literature, and explicitly pointed out that its five-octave range made it "more than a bass instrument".
Mixing consoleDigital audio editorSound recording and reproductionSynthesizer

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