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Bass oboe: Quiz


Question 1: ________'s Survivor From Darmstadt, for nine amplified bass oboes, was commissioned by oboist Nora Post and premiered in 1984.
Oakland, CaliforniaDenverRobert MoranPhiladelphia

Question 2: In ________'s "The Planets" the instrument is used to great effect, providing a unique tone of which no other instrument is capable.
Gustav HolstEnglandRalph Vaughan WilliamsLondon

Question 3: It is about twice the size of a regular (soprano) oboe and sounds an octave lower; it has a deep, full tone not unlike that of its higher-pitched cousin, the ________.
Cor anglais (English horn)ContrabassoonBassoonOboe d'amore

Question 4: The bass oboe is notated in the ________, sounding one octave lower than written.
Modern musical symbolsTransposing instrumentTrill (music)Clef

Question 5: The East Coast Concerto for Bass Oboe and ________ by Gavin Bryars
The PlanetsClassical musicTimpaniOrchestra

Question 6: Contrabass oboes have been constructed but have never been successful as they have the same register as the practical and well-established ________.
Oboe d'amoreCor anglais (English horn)ContrabassoonBassoon


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