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Bass clarinet: Quiz


Question 1: While the bass clarinet was seldom heard in early jazz compositions, a bass clarinet solo by Omer Simeon can be heard in the 1926 recording "Someday Sweetheart" by ________ and His Red Hot Peppers.
Zutty SingletonBarney BigardBig bandJelly Roll Morton

Question 2:
What mountain range is Bass clarinet a part of?
Written range: |center
Wicklow Mountains?
1350 m

Question 3: Premiered by Calvin Falwell and members of the ________ in May 2007.
Leopold StokowskiArturo ToscaniniPhiladelphia OrchestraEugene Ormandy

Question 4: The bass clarinet is very frequently used in the jazzy segments of Angelo Badalamenti's score for the TV series ________.
Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with MeTwin Peaks media releasesPilot (Twin Peaks)Twin Peaks

Question 5: Desfontenelles of Lisieux built a bass clarinet in 1807 whose shape was similar to that of the later ________.
Single-reed instrumentTenor saxophoneChalumeauSaxophone

Question 6: Harry Carney, ________'s baritone saxophonist for 47 years, played bass clarinet in some of Ellington's arrangements, first recording with it on "Saddest Tale" in 1934.
Louie BellsonClark TerryDuke EllingtonIrving Mills

Question 7: Donald Martino: Triple Concerto for clarinet, bass clarinet, and ________.
Contrabass clarinetClarinet concertoE-flat clarinetAlto clarinet

Question 8: In the Munich Stadtmuseum there is an instrument made circa 1770 by the Mayrhofers of ________,[12] who are often credited with the invention of the basset horn.

Question 9: ________ also took the instrument and wrote complex parts for the instrument throughout his career, most prominently in his ballets The Firebird (1910), Petrushka (1911) and The Rite of Spring (1913).
Sviatoslav RichterIgor StravinskyDmitri ShostakovichMstislav Rostropovich

Question 10: It is also used in wind bands, in ________, marching bands, and in film scoring, and has played a minor, but persistent, role in jazz.
Clarinet choirPiet JeegersWalter BoeykensBass clarinet

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