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Question 1: Bass Strait was discovered following the wreck of the ship Sydney Cove in 1797 and one of the vessels engaged in the salvage operation, the ________ Eliza, went missing on her return voyage to Sydney.
SloopBermuda sloopFore-and-aft rigSailboat

Question 2: During the Second World War several aircraft, mostly RAAF ________ bombers, were lost during exercises in Bass Strait while on training flights out of air bases, mostly Sale, Victoria.
Bristol BeaufortBristol BlenheimBristol BombayBristol Beaufighter

Question 3:
Bass Strait Triangle, Vela Incident and Unidentified flying object are all:
Unexplained disappearances Mysteries Bass Strait Paranormal triangles

Question 4: The prevailing winds and currents are westerly, the latter being divided by ________ at the western entrance to the strait, causing unpredictable sea conditions, especially when strong winds occur.
Launceston, TasmaniaBass StraitAustraliaKing Island (Tasmania)

Question 5: The most famous incident, and the one that has been the inspiration for paranormal explanations, was the ________ in 1978.
Australian ufologyPhilip J. KlassAlien abductionValentich disappearance

Question 6: The Bass Strait Triangle is a term for the waters that separate the states of Victoria and Tasmania, including Bass Strait, in south-eastern ________.
CanadaUnited KingdomBarbadosAustralia

Question 7:
Bass Strait Triangle, Valentich disappearance and Bass Strait are all:
Bass Strait Paranormal triangles UFO-related locations Unexplained disappearances

Question 8:
Bass Strait Triangle, Bermuda Triangle and Amelia Earhart are all:
UFO-related locations Unexplained disappearances Paranormal triangles Bass Strait

Question 9: The combination of winds, currents, ________ and the shallow bottom often lead to tall waves, often of short length, with a confused short swell often conflicting in direction.
Current sea level riseTidePhysical oceanographyTidal power

Question 10:
Bass Strait Triangle, Bermuda Triangle and Area 51 are all:
Unexplained disappearances Bass Strait Paranormal triangles UFO-related locations


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