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Question 1: ________, an instrumental part which is in the bass range
JazzBass guitarMusicBassline

Question 2: ________, wildlife sanctuary off the coast of Scotland
FidraBass RockInchkeithInchcolm

Question 3: ________, a type of electronic dance music
2-step garageUK funky (music)Bassline (dance music)Breakstep

Question 4: ________, with a solid body and electric pickups
Lead guitarBass guitarElectric guitarJazz guitar

Question 5: ________, a type of classical male singing voice
OperaBaritoneBass (voice type)Tenor

Question 6: ________, often called "the bass" in the context of brass instruments

Question 7: ________, the largest and lowest pitched bowed string instrument
JazzBass guitarCelloDouble bass

Question 8: ________, a low pitched wind instrument

Question 9: BASS: ________, computer game
Broken SwordBeneath a Steel SkyUltima Underworld: The Stygian AbyssBroken Sword II: The Smoking Mirror

Question 10: ________, the electric version of a double bass
Bass guitarString instrumentElectric upright bassHeavy metal music

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