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  • in 2007, British forces serving in Basra, Iraq were accused of using killer badgers as a weapon?
  • in 2007 Major General Graham Binns signed the document that handed control of Basra back to the Iraqi people?

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Question 1:
What is Basra also known as?
Al Bau1E63rah
AL MQABALAIN, post ZIP-code 11623
chatur bhuj ale
Karbala al-Muqaddasah

Question 2:
Who played Randa the movie Basra?
Yara Goubran
Rasha Fares
Nahed El Sebaï
Fatma Adel

Question 3:
Who played Bouthina the movie Basra?
Christine Solomon
Yara Goubran
Christine Solomon
Fatma Adel

Question 4:
What is the total population of Basra?
3,800,200 est. of 2009
430 733, Est. 2010 Population: 604125
2000000 est.
1065,983 est.

Question 5:
What type of subdivision is Basra?
de facto Country
Dependency Country

Question 6: These alleged abuses are to feature amongst the charges against the former regime to be considered by the Iraq Special Tribunal set up by the ________ following the 2003 invasion.
Iraqi parliamentary election, December 2005Iraqi Interim GovernmentIraqi Governing CouncilIraqi parliamentary election, 2010

Question 7:
Which of the following subdivisions is Basra in?

Question 8:
What role did Rasha Fares play in the movie Basra?

Question 9:
When was Basra established?
636 CE

Question 10:
Who played Hind the movie Basra?
Fatma Adel
Yara Goubran
Nahed El Sebaï
Fatma Adel


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