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Question 1: ________, Social-Democratic political party
Basque Nationalist PartySpanish general election, 2008Aralar PartyEusko Alkartasuna

Question 2: Basque nationalism managed to substitute Carlism in the favour of the Catholic Church as a barrier against leftist ________ in most of the Basque provinces.
David HumeImmanuel KantAnti-clericalismRed Terror (Spain)

Question 3: The Spanish government revoked part of the ________ after the Third Carlist War.
SpainFueroReconquistaBasque Country (greater region)

Question 4: ________, leftist political party, illegal in the southern Basque Country because of relations with the separatist organization ETA
BatasunaEusko AlkartasunaBasque Nationalist PartyAralar Party

Question 5: The seminal ideologist of this process was Sabino Arana, founder of the ________ (PNV in its Spanish acronym).
Aralar PartyEusko AlkartasunaBasque Nationalist PartyBasque nationalism

Question 6: In 1959, young nationalists founded the separatist group ________, which soon adopted a Marxist revolutionary policy in the 1960s.
Basque nationalismSpainBatasunaETA

Question 7: In ________, Basque nationalism has failed to gain control of the Autonomous Community's government, but several Basque nationalist parties run races in certain municipalities.
NavarreBalearic IslandsLa Rioja (Spain)Cantabria

Question 8: Basque nationalism is rooted in ________ and the loss, by the laws of 1839 and 1876, of the Ancien Régime relationship between the Spanish Basque provinces and the crown of Spain.
OriamendiCarlismChapelgorrisCarlist Wars

Question 9: During this time, the reactionary Fuerista movement pleaded for the maintenance of the fueros system and territorial autonomy against the centralizing pressures from liberal governments in ________.

Question 10: In 1936, the main part of the ________ PNV sided with the Second Spanish Republic in the Spanish Civil War.
Centrist Democrat InternationalEuropean People's PartyKonrad AdenauerChristian democracy

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