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Basque Country (greater region): Quiz


Question 1: One of the top basketball clubs in Europe, Tau Cerámica, is located in ________.
Lanciego/LantziegoElburgo/BurgeluSalvatierra/AgurainVitoria, Spain

Question 2: Navarre also held ________ and Muslim minorities but these were expelled or forced to assimilate after the Spanish conquest in the 16th century.

Question 3: There is some evidence to show that they already spoke Basque in Roman times (see ________).
Iberian languageAquitanian languageVasconesBasque language

Question 4: A significant majority of the population of the Basque country live inside the ________ (about 2,100,000, that is 70% of the population) while about 600,000 live in Navarre (20% of the population) and about 300,000 (roughly 10%) in Northern Basque Country.
CantabriaSpainAsturiasBasque Country (autonomous community)

Question 5: A subgroup of Kalderash Roma resident in the Basque Country were the ________ who are notable for speaking a rare mixed language.
Romani peopleRomani people by countryRomani people in SpainErromintxela

Question 6: mile) is above the average of Spain or ________, but the distribution of the population is fairly unequal and it is concentrated around the main cities.
United KingdomCanadaItalyFrance

Question 7: EH BAI, a coalition party formed by Abertzaleen Batasuna and ________.
Eusko AlkartasunaSpanish general election, 2008Basque Nationalist PartyAralar Party

Question 8:
What is the population of Basque Country (greater region)?
100, 000
about 3,000,000

Question 9: ________ 183,308 inhabitants (BAC)
IrunUsurbilSan SebastiánTolosa, Spain

Question 10: ________ is favoured by the mountainous character of Basque terrain and nearness of the Pyrenees.
MountaineeringBackpacking (wilderness)Bicycle touringHiking


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