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Question 1: [6] The canonical E-box is CACGTG (________), however some bHLH transcription factors bind to non-palindromic sequences, which are often similar to the E-box.

Question 2: Since many bHLH ________ are heterodimeric, their activity is often highly regulated by the dimerization of the subunits.
Transcription factor II FTranscription factorTranscription factor II DGeneral transcription factor

Question 3: BMAL1-Clock is a core transcription complex in the molecular ________.
MelatoninCircadian rhythmSuprachiasmatic nucleusChronobiology

Question 4: A basic helix-loop-helix (bHLH) is a ________ structural motif that characterizes a family of transcription factors.

Question 5: In general, transcription factors including this domain are dimeric, each with one helix containing basic amino acid residues that facilitate ________ binding.


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