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Basement membrane: Quiz


Question 1: The basement membrane is also essential for ________ (development of new blood vessels).
Wound healingVascular endothelial growth factorIntegrinAngiogenesis

Question 2: The primary function of the basement membrane is to anchor down the ________ to its loose connective tissue underneath.
HistologyEpitheliumMicrovillusStratified squamous epithelium

Question 3: A group of diseases stemming from improper function of basement membrane zone are united under the name ________.
Epidermolysis bullosaEpidermolysis bullosa dystrophicaDarier's diseaseEpidermolysis bullosa simplex

Question 4: The basement membrane is a thin sheet of fibers that underlies the ________, which lines the cavities and surfaces of organs, or the endothelium, which lines the interior surface of blood vessels.
HistologyMicrovillusStratified squamous epitheliumEpithelium


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