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Question 1: The dark areas visible on Earth's ________, the lunar maria, are plains of flood basaltic lava flows.
MoonIo (moon)Mercury (planet)Ganymede (moon)

Question 2: Basalt which erupts under open air (that is, subaerially) forms three distinct types of lava or volcanic deposits: scoria, ash or cinder; ________ and lava flows.
Impact craterBrecciaMeteoriteImpact event

Question 3: It is silica-undersaturated and may contain feldspathoids, alkali ________ and phlogopite.

Question 4: Compared to other rocks found on Earth's surface, basalts ________ relatively fast.
MineralCalcium carbonateOxygenWeathering

Question 5: Tholeiitic basalt is relatively poor in ________ and poor in sodium.
AmethystQuartzOpalSilicon dioxide

Question 6: Pwisehn Malek, Pohnpei, ________[6]
VanuatuMarshall IslandsPalauFederated States of Micronesia

Question 7: Basalt has also formed on Earth's Moon, ________, Venus, and even on the asteroid Vesta.
Water on MarsDeimos (moon)MarsPhobos (moon)

Question 8: Included in this category are most basalts of the ________ floor, most large oceanic islands, and continental flood basalts such as the Columbia River Plateau.
EarthOceanNatureNatural environment

Question 9: Hawaii's ________ volcano erupted in this way in the 19th century, as did Mount Tarawera, New Zealand in its violent 1886 eruption.
Kohala (mountain)Mauna LoaHawaii hotspotLoihi Seamount

Question 10: The groundmass contains interstitial ________ or tridymite or cristobalite.

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