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Question 1: In animal family ________, the gorillas are an outgroup to chimpanzees and humans.
Human evolutionHominidaePrimateHomo

Question 2: In phylogenetics, a basal ________ is the earliest clade to branch in a larger clade; it appears at the base of a cladogram.
CladeGhost lineageLifeComputational phylogenetics

Question 3: Budd, Graham E.; Jensen, Sören (2000). "A critical reappraisal of the fossil record of the bilaterian phyla". Biological Reviews (________) 75 (2): 253.
EnglandOxford University PressCambridge University PressAuthorized King James Version

Question 4: As an example, the ________ plant family, the Amborellaceae is considered the most basal of extant angiosperms.
EmbryophyteFernFlowering plantGymnosperm


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