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Question 1: Neither the standard model of particle physics, nor the theory of ________ provide an obvious explanation for why this should be so; and it is a natural assumption that the universe be neutral with all conserved charges.
Introduction to general relativityBlack holeGeneral relativityGravitation

Question 2: The baryon asymmetry problem in physics refers to the apparent fact that there is an imbalance in ________ and antibaryonic matter in the universe.
MesonBaryonStandard ModelQuark

Question 3: This is called " violating CP symmetry" in ________.
Particle physicsStandard ModelQuarkWeak interaction

Question 4: Another possibilty is that antimatter dominated regions exist within the universe, but outside our ________.
Observable universeRedshiftDark matterBig Bang

Question 5: Such a violation could allow matter to be produced more commonly than antimatter in conditions immediately after the ________.
UniverseNon-standard cosmologyBig BangPhysical cosmology

Question 6: There are competing theories to explain this aspect of the phenomenon of ________, but there is no one consensus theory to explain the phenomenon at this time.
Big BangPhotonBaryogenesisUniverse

Question 7: Most explanations involve modifying the standard model of ________, to allow for some reactions (specifically involving the weak nuclear force) to proceed more easily than their opposite.
Particle physicsFaddeev–Popov ghostTachyonPhoton


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