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Question 1: The photon density at equilibrium temperature T, per cubic ________ and per cubic centimeter, is given by
Rankine scaleKelvinThermodynamic temperatureCelsius

Question 2: The ________,[1] formulated by Paul Dirac around 1928 as part of the development of relativistic quantum mechanics, predicts the existence of antiparticles along with the expected solutions for the corresponding particles.
Dirac equationPropagatorQuantum field theoryQuantum electrodynamics

Question 3: The next step after baryogenesis is the much better understood ________, during which light atomic nuclei began to form.
ReionizationBig Bang nucleosynthesisDark matterUniverse

Question 4: Mathematically, the commutator of the baryon number quantum operator with the (perturbative) ________ hamiltonian is zero: [B,H] = BHHB = 0.
Particle physicsQuarkStandard ModelPhoton

Question 5: Instead, the preferred asymmetry parameter uses the ________ density s,
Gibbs free energyThermodynamicsEntropyStatistical mechanics

Question 6: These conditions were inspired by the recent discoveries of the cosmic background radiation [3] and ________ in the neutral kaon system.
Standard ModelParticle physicsCP violationQuark

Question 7: If CPT-symmetry is assumed, violation of CP-symmetry demands violation of time inversion symmetry, or ________.
ChrononPlanck epochSpacetimeT-symmetry

Question 8: The second condition — violation of ________ — was discovered in 1964 (direct CP-violation, that is violation of CP-symmetry in a decay process, was discovered later, in 1999).
CP violationParticle physicsStandard ModelQuark

Question 9: Baryogenesis theories (the most important being electroweak baryogenesis and GUT baryogenesis) employ sub-disciplines of ________ such as quantum field theory, and statistical physics, to describe such possible mechanisms.
Quantum mechanicsParticle physicsPhysicsUniverse

Question 10: In 1967, ________ proposed[2] a set of three necessary conditions that a baryon-generating interaction must satisfy to produce matter and antimatter at different rates.
Joseph StalinEastern BlocAleksandr SolzhenitsynAndrei Sakharov


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