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Question 1: Barter usually replaces money as the method of exchange in times of monetary crisis, when the ________ is unstable and devalued by hyperinflation.
ISO 4217CoinCyprusCurrency

Question 2: Complex business models based on the concept of barter are today possible since the advent of ________ technologies.
Hypertext Transfer ProtocolWeb 2.0Dojo ToolkitAtom (standard)

Question 3: Swapping is the increasingly prevalent informal bartering system in which participants in ________ trade items of comparable value on a trust basis.
Group (online social networking)Virtual communityOnline communitySocial network service

Question 4: Bartering is a medium in which goods or services are directly exchanged for other goods and/or services without a medium of exchange, such as ________.
MicroeconomicsMoneyEconomic historyEconometrics

Question 5: [2] Instead, non-monetary societies operated largely along the principles of ________.
Anarchist economicsMixed economyAnglo-Saxon economyGift economy


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