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Barrett Firearms Manufacturing: Quiz


Question 1:
When was Barrett Firearms Manufacturing founded?
Houston, Texas, U.S.

Question 2:
What city is Barrett Firearms Manufacturing based in?

Question 3:
What industry is Barrett Firearms Manufacturing in?
Military communications
Nutrition & Skin Care products
Transportation Services

Question 4:
What type is thing is Barrett Firearms Manufacturing?
Art Museum
Box set

Question 5: Fighters in the Bosnian Army used just one .50 caliber rifle to great effect in fending off Serb forces in Srebrenica during the ________ of the early 1990s.
Lašva Valley ethnic cleansingSrebrenica massacreBosnian WarCroat–Bosniak War

Question 6: This is more powerful than the ________ standard round used in most current U.S.
5.56x45mm NATO.223 RemingtonM16 rifle7.62x51mm NATO

Question 7: Soon afterward, the M82 was purchased by the United States armed forces, and it was deployed in the ________.
2006 Lebanon WarGulf WarSix-Day WarYom Kippur War

Question 8: The M98B is a bolt-action rifle chambered in ________.
.338 Norma MagnumUnited States.338 Lapua Magnum.408 Chey Tac

Question 9: The company's main product is the ________ anti-materiel rifle.
M2 Browning machine gunHeckler & Koch MP5M16 rifleBarrett M82

Question 10: These first large sales were to ________.

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