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Baroque pop: Quiz


Question 1: [3] "Chamber pop" or "chamber rock" are usually used to refer specifically to music that utilises the string instruments of ________ and so can be seen as a sub-set of baroque pop and rock.
Chamber musicString quartetSonataClassical music

Question 2: Baroque pop is similar to ________ in subject matter, but with a more melodramatic and darker edge.
Psychedelic popSunshine popBubblegum popPower pop

Question 3: Many baroque pop artists of the past two decades can also be classified under several different genres including indie rock, alternative rock, folk, Americana, ________, psychedelic, and dream pop.

Question 4: [1] Practitioners of the style utilized instrumentation not traditional to rock such as harpsichord, oboe, ________ and french horn.
ViolinConcertoDouble bassCello

Question 5: Baroque pop's highest popularity occurred before the introduction of the synthesizer or sampler, so real instruments are heard on the recordings, usually played by ________.
Steve LukatherSession musicianPaulinho da CostaSimon Phillips

Question 6: [7] In 1963 Brian Wilson probably responded to this by using string arrangements on songs on the ________' Surfer Girl album.
The Beach Boys solo discographyThe Beach Boys discographyPet SoundsThe Beach Boys

Question 7: [9] In 1966 The Rolling Stones released "Lady Jane", featuring ________ on dulcimer.
Let's Spend the Night TogetherThe Rolling StonesKeith RichardsBrian Jones


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