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Question 1: [2] In contemporary battles, moro Barongs have been said to be used to slice through ________.
M2 Browning machine gunM14 rifleM60 machine gunM16 rifle

Question 2: Damascene patterns are also sometimes evident but again most often not as controlled as the more widely known Malay ________.
Bolo knifeKalisMacheteKris

Question 3: The Barong (sometimes spelled Barung) is a short, wide, leaf-shaped single-edged blade, considered as the national weapon of the Moro Tausugs of Sulu in southern ________.
East TimorPhilippinesUnited StatesPapua New Guinea

Question 4: Of particular note are barongs used by ________ (those who had taken the rite of Magsabil), often they would sport smaller blades with normal size hilts.
MujahideenIslamic terrorismAl-QaedaTaliban


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