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Question 1: Previously, in the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of England, the king's companions held the title of earls and in ________, the title of thane.
WalesUnited KingdomNorthern IrelandScotland

Question 2: After its ________ in 1830, Belgium incorporated into its nobility all titles of baron borne by Belgian citizens which had been recognized by the Netherlands since 1815.
United StatesDecolonizationSelf-determinationSecession

Question 3: In 1561, Sweden's King ________ granted the hereditary titles of count and vapaaherra to some of these, but not all.
Gustavus Adolphus of SwedenEric XIV of SwedenCharles IX of SwedenJohn III of Sweden

Question 4: Although their ________ family members were not entitled to vote or sit in the Riksdag, they were legally entitled to the same title as the head of the family, but in customary address they became Paroni or Paronitar.
CadetJunior Reserve Officers' Training CorpsUnited KingdomUnited States Merchant Marine

Question 5: As a result, German barons have been more numerous than those of, e.g., France, Spain, and the United Kingdom, where ________ prevails.

Question 6: In republican Germany, Freiherr and Baron remain heritable only as part of the legal ________, (and may thereby be transmitted by females to their husbands and children, without implication of nobility).
Personal nameFamily nameSurnameIcelandic name

Question 7: In 1815, King ________ created a new peerage system based on the British model.
Louis XVI of FranceLouis XVII of FranceLouis Antoine, Duke of AngoulêmeLouis XVIII of France

Question 8: In the ________ after 1815, titles of baron authorized by previous monarchs (except those of the Napoleonic Kingdom of Holland) were usually recognized by the Dutch kings.

Question 9: In addition, Baronies are often subsidiary titles, thus being used as ________ by the eldest sons of viscounts.
PeerageDukeEarlCourtesy titles in the United Kingdom

Question 10: In the British peer system, barons rank below ________, and form the lowest rank in the peerage.
EarlViscountGrand dukePrince


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