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Question 1:
Which of the following titles did Barometer have?
Liviu's Dream
Gainesville Rock City
Diaphragm pressure gauge having temperature compensating means

Question 2: On June 5, 2007, a ________ directive was enacted to restrict the sale of mercury, thus effectively ending the production of new mercury barometers in Europe.
GermanyEuropean ParliamentDenmarkEuropean Union

Question 3: A barometer is commonly used for ________ prediction, as high air pressure in a region indicates fair weather while low pressure indicates that storms are more likely.

Question 4: The use of this unit is still popular in the United States, although it has been disused in favor of ________ or metric units in other parts of the world.
International System of UnitsMetric systemConversion of unitsSystems of measurement

Question 5: A mercury barometer has a glass tube of at least 33 ________ (about 84 cm) in height, closed at one end, with an open mercury-filled reservoir at the base.
YardFoot (length)United States customary unitsInch

Question 6: For this purpose a mercury ________ is usually mounted on the instrument.
AutoclaveHot air ovenThermometerEudiometer

Question 7: Numerous measurements of air pressure are used within ________ to help find surface troughs, high pressure systems, and frontal boundaries.
MeteorologySurface weather analysisPrecipitation (meteorology)Wind

Question 8: This aneroid capsule (cell) is made from an alloy of ________ and copper.

Question 9: Typically if the barometer is falling, deteriorating ________ or some form of precipitation is indicated; however, if the barometer is rising, it is likely there will be fair weather or no precipitation.

Question 10: It can measure the pressure exerted by the atmosphere by using water, ________, or mercury.
EarthAtmosphere of EarthHistory of the EarthNature


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