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Question 1: Albany Leon Bigard[1] (March 3, 1906 – June 27, 1980), aka Barney Bigard, was an American jazz ________ and tenor saxophonist, though primarily known for the clarinet.
Bass clarinetErnest AčkunList of clarinetistsAnte Grgin

Question 2:
What role did Barney Bigard play in the telemovie St. Louis Blues?
W.C. Handy
Dave Geurney

Question 3: In 1927 he joined ________'s band in New York, where he stayed until 1942.
Duke EllingtonIrving MillsLouie BellsonClark Terry

Question 4: Bigard was born in ________ and studied music and clarinet with Lorenzo Tio.
Baton Rouge, LouisianaNew Orleans metropolitan areaNew OrleansLouisiana


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