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Question 1: Cut logs used for the production of ________ or even log cabins generally have the bark removed, either just before cutting or for curing.
Wood preservationWoodPulp (paper)Lumber

Question 2: Some barks can be removed in long sheets; the smooth surfaced bark of ________ trees has been used as a covering in the making of canoes, as the drainage layer in roofs, for shoes, backpacks etc.
Betula pendulaBirchAlderOak

Question 3: Bark chips generated as a by-product of lumber production, are often used in bark mulch in western ________.
South AmericaAmericasAmericas (terminology)North America

Question 4: Bark is the outermost layers of stems and ________ of woody plants.
Flowering plantSeedFruitRoot

Question 5: [1] It overlays the ________ and consists of the inner bark and the outer bark.
WoodPlant stemSeedFlowering plant

Question 6: Products used by people that are derived from bark include: ________ and other flavorings, tannin, resin, latex, medicines, poisons, various hallucinatory chemicals and cork.
Bouquet garniHerbSpiceAfghan spice rub

Question 7: The bark of some trees notably oak (Quercus robur) is a source of tannic acid, which is used in ________.
RawhideLeatherTanningLeather skirt

Question 8: Plants with bark include trees, woody vines and ________.
ShrubCotoneasterRoseBroom (shrub)

Question 9: [2] A number of plants are also grown for their attractive or interesting bark colorations and surface textures or their bark is used as landscape ________.

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