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Baritone saxophone: Quiz


Question 1: The baritone saxophone is used in classical music (particularly as a member of a ________), but composers have rarely called for it in orchestral music.
ChalumeauTenor saxophoneSaxophoneClarinet

Question 2: In concert bands, it often plays a part similar to that of the tuba, bassoon, and ________.
Clarinet concertoBasset hornClarinet choirBass clarinet

Question 3: When the baritone is used in an orchestral setting, it often doubles the ________, although a number of composers and arrangers have included solo parts for the baritone saxophone.
EuphoniumBrass instrumentTubaTrumpet

Question 4: ________ often includes a baritone saxophone in concert performances of Late in the Evening.
Simon & GarfunkelMrs. RobinsonArt GarfunkelPaul Simon

Question 5: Its reed size is notably large, twice that of an alto saxophone reed and noticeably larger than that used by the ________.
BassoonSoprano saxophoneClarinetTenor saxophone

Question 6: The baritone is an important instrument in the ________, being the largest size of saxophone used in that ensemble (although the larger bass saxophone was occasionally used up to the 1940s).
Swing musicBebopBig bandJazz

Question 7: Nigerian Afrobeat singer, musician, and bandleader ________ typically featured two baritone saxophone players in his band (most American jazz big bands feature only one).
W. E. B. Du BoisMarcus GarveyMuammar al-GaddafiFela Kuti

Question 8: The baritone plays a notable role in many ________ hits of the 60s, and has often been heard in the horn sections of funk, blues, and soul bands.
Neo soulBerry GordyThe TemptationsMotown

Question 9: ________, Mack and Mabel, Chicago.
Cole PorterKiss Me, KateAnything GoesGuys and Dolls

Question 10: One of the instrument's pioneers was ________'s longtime baritone player, Harry Carney, who played both accompanying bass lines as well as exuberant solos and improvisations.
Irving MillsClark TerryDuke EllingtonLouie Bellson


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