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Baretta: Quiz


Question 1:
Who played 1st Business Man the telemovie Baretta?
Stack Pierce
Jan Merlin
Granville Van Dusen
Mario Roccuzzo

Question 2:
Who played Det. Tony Baretta the telemovie Baretta?
John Marley
Chino 'Fats' Williams
Robert Blake
Burt Young

Question 3:
What role did Richard Collier play in the telemovie Baretta?
Det. Tony Baretta
Rick Parrish
The Man

Question 4:
Who played Pete Skalare the telemovie Baretta?
John Marley
Bill McKinney
Val Bisoglio
Allan Rich

Question 5:
Who played Corinne the telemovie Baretta?
Ann Prentiss
Mary Wilcox
Karen Valentine
Allyn Ann McLerie

Question 6: On October 29, 2002, Universal Studios Home Entertainment released the first season of Baretta on ________ DVD in the United States.
United KingdomCanadaDVD region codeHong Kong

Question 7:
What role did Allan Rich play in the telemovie Baretta?
Carl Brazil
Joe the Hammer
Joey Perino

Question 8:
What role did Allyn Ann McLerie play in the telemovie Baretta?
Madame Shima
Terry Lake

Question 9:
What role did Stack Pierce play in the telemovie Baretta?
Roger Simon
1st Business Man

Question 10:
Who played Catherine the telemovie Baretta?
Margot Kidder
Maggie Sullivan
Sarah Cunningham
Sondra Blake


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