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Bard: Quiz


Question 1: In the ________, singers who were outside the establishment were called bards from the 1960s.
Joseph StalinSoviet UnionRussiaEast Germany

Question 2: From this romantic use came the epitheton The Bard applied to William Shakespeare and, in Scotland, ________.
Robert BurnsGeorge Gordon Byron, 6th Baron ByronSamuel Taylor ColeridgeMary Shelley

Question 3: Secondly, in medieval Gaelic and Welsh society, a bard (Scottish and Irish Gaelic) or bardd (Welsh) was a professional poet, employed to compose eulogies for his ________ (see planxty).
Mister (Mr.)LadyPeerageLord

Question 4: If the employer failed to pay the proper amount, the bard would then compose a ________.
NovelPoetryPlay (theatre)Satire

Question 5: The word was taken from Latin bardus, Greek bardos, in turn loanwords from the ________, describing a class of Celtic priest (see druid, vates).
Celtiberian languageCeltic languagesGaulish languageLepontic language

Question 6: 'The Bard of Avon' (or in England, simply 'The Bard') is ________
William ShakespeareShakespeare authorship questionHamletShakespeare's life

Question 7: For example, ________ is known as The Bard.
Shakespeare's lifeWilliam ShakespeareHamletShakespeare authorship question

Question 8: 'The Bard of Rydal Mount' is ________
Romantic poetryWilliam WordsworthSamuel Taylor ColeridgeGeorge Gordon Byron, 6th Baron Byron

Question 9: In other Indo-European societies, the same function was fulfilled by ________, rhapsodes, minstrels and scops, among others, offices that may sometimes also be subsumed under the term "bard" by extension.

Question 10: British Iron Age religion
British mythology
Welsh mythology
Breton mythology
Book of Taliesin
Trioedd Ynys Prydein
BranwenKing ArthurRhiannonMabinogion


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