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Barbette: Quiz


Question 1: Before the complete introduction of the fully enclosed armoured ________, a barbette was a fixed armoured enclosure protecting the gun.
Trench warfareGun turretFortificationBunker

Question 2: A barbette is a protective circular armour feature around a cannon or heavy ________ gun.
Military historyArtillerySiegeNaval warfare

Question 3: It forms the protection for the upper ends of the hoists that lift shells and their propelling charges (e.g. ________) from the magazines below.
GunpowderNitroglycerinCorditeSmokeless powder

Question 4: In warships from the age of the ________ forward, the barbette is the non-rotating drum beneath the rotating gun turret (properly known as the "gunhouse") and above the armoured deck on a warship.
DreadnoughtPre-dreadnought battleshipBattlecruiserBattleship


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