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Barakah: Quiz


Question 1: The parallel Jewish term is the cognate ________, in Christianity charisma or divine grace.

Question 2: It is also a ________ term referring to a sense of "divine presence" or "charisma."
TariqahSufismDhikrMoinuddin Chishti

Question 3: For example, when God promised ________ that he would be the father of nations (Genesis 17), one could imagine Abraham feeling energized by the gratitude of his future descendants.

Question 4: When asked why he did not fear being killed by his enemies, ________ is said to have replied, "I have baraka."
George MarshallFrançois MitterrandHarry S. TrumanCharles de Gaulle

Question 5: This use of the term derives from the time of French colonization in ________ (1830–1962).

Question 6: Barakah is also the origin of President of the United States Barack Obama's first name via Swahili which has been heavily influenced by ________.
Arabic languageModern Standard ArabicAncient North ArabianEgyptian Arabic

Question 7: ________ explains some of its Arabic cognates in the parable of The Islanders in his book The Sufis.
SufismOmar Ali-ShahIdries ShahChishti Order

Question 8: Barakah (Arabic: بركة : also Baraka‎) is an ________ term meaning blessing, particularly, spiritual gifts or protection transmitted from God.
Arabic languageAncient North ArabianModern Standard ArabicEgyptian Arabic

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