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Question 1: Addresses consisted of a 32-bit address and a 16-bit subnet which mapped onto the 48-bit ________ address in order to route to machines.
Token ringEthernetEthernet physical layerMedia Access Control

Question 2: had parted company with IBM and continued its development of LAN Manager into what would become known as ________, essentially its OS 4.0.
Windows NTMicrosoft WindowsOS/2Windows 9x

Question 3: Banyan VINES (for Virtual Integrated NEtwork Service) was a ________ network operating system and the set of computer network protocols it used to talk to client machines on the network.
Personal computerLinuxComputerCentral processing unit

Question 4: The Banyan company based the VINES operating system on ________, and the network protocols on the archetypical Xerox XNS stack.
AWKGNU Core UtilitiesMan pageUnix

Question 5: ________, who has since worked as Group Vice President for Platforms at Microsoft Corporation until his retirement at January 30, 2007, worked as the chief architect of Banyan VINES.
NetscapeWindows NTJim AllchinOperating system

Question 6: VINES formed one of a group of XNS-based systems which also included Novell NetWare and ________; like most of these earlier products it has since disappeared from the market, Banyan along with it.
Local area networkOSI modelARCNETEthernet

Question 7: The client would use the first to respond, although the servers could hand off "better" ________ instructions to the client if the network changed.
Open Shortest Path FirstLink-state routing protocolRoutingRouting protocol

Question 8: A set of ________, however, set VINES apart from other XNS systems at this level.
Open Shortest Path FirstRoutingRouting protocolLink-state routing protocol

Question 9: The overall concept very much resembled ________'s AARP system, with the exception that VINES required at least one server, whereas AARP functioned completely "headlessly".
MacintoshOSI modelAppleTalkServer Message Block

Question 10: VINES sales rapidly dried up, both because of these problems and because of the rapid rise of ________.
Windows NTMicrosoft WindowsOS/2Windows 9x


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