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Question 1: In ________, it is not economically profitable to open insolvency/bankruptcy proceedings against certain types of businesses, and therefore the number of insolvencies is quite low.

Question 2: Only individuals can become bankrupt; insolvent companies go into ________ or administration (see administration (insolvency)).
Unfair preferenceLiquidationLiquidator (law)Floating charge

Question 3: In France, company insolvencies rose by more than 4%, in ________ by more than 10%, and in Greece by more than 20%.
Czech RepublicPolandAustriaHungary

Question 4: Debtors may now retain occupational ________ while in bankruptcy, except in rare cases.
Defined benefit pension planFinancial adviserPensionInsurance

Question 5: A person can also be made bankrupt after a creditor's petition results in the making of a sequestration order in the ________.
Diana BryantAustralian court hierarchyRobert McClelland (Australian politician)Federal Magistrates Court

Question 6: Spain became the first ________ in history to declare bankruptcy.

Question 7: Instead a model “________” was adopted as a local rule by the district courts.
State of emergencyPhilippinesSyriaUnited States

Question 8: [2] The Year of Jubilee is announced in advance on the ________, or the tenth day of the seventh Biblical month, in the forty-ninth year by the blowing of trumpets throughout the land of Israel.
Jewish holidayShabbatJewish servicesYom Kippur

Question 9: Although the constitutionality of the “Emergency Rule” was under constant attack, the Supreme Court consistently denied ________.
Administrative lawCommon lawWritCertiorari

Question 10: According to al-Maqrizi, the Yassa of ________ contained a provision that mandated the death penalty for anyone who became bankrupt three times.
Mongol EmpireGenghis KhanGolden HordeÖgedei Khan


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