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Banknotes of Zimbabwe: Quiz


Question 1: The Chiremba Balancing Rocks near ________ is the main artwork used for obverse sides of the first two banknote designs of the first Zimbabwean dollar.

Question 2: The ________ also issued emergency cheques from 2003 to 2004.
Standard Chartered BankNational Westminster BankLloyds TSBBarclays

Question 3: The notes bear Salisbury as the name of its capital rather than ________, as the name was changed on 18 April 1982.

Question 4: Consequently most design features were copied from the 2007 banknote series and lack many modern security features that were being relied upon by banknotes of major currencies such as those of the ________.
Canadian dollarNewfoundland dollarCanadaUnited States dollar

Question 5: Hyperinflationary Zimbabwean banknotes (such as the $100 trillion denomination) have gained considerable interest from the ________ community and buyers in general for its absurdity rather than the design.
CoinNumismaticsCoin collectingCurrency

Question 6: ________ said that "10 trillion (first dollars) were still out there and it had become manure".
Emmerson MnangagwaRobert MugabeSimba MakoniGideon Gono

Question 7: The first banknotes of Zimbabwe were issued by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (formerly Reserve Bank of ________) for the first dollar (ZWD) in 1980 to coincide with the independence of Zimbabwe.
Rhodesian ArmyRhodesian Bush WarRhodesiaSouthern Rhodesia

Question 8: The series bears the correct name of Zimbabwe's capital (Harare) and is indifferent to the last two series except for the date and ________.
United StatesAuthenticationSignatureAutograph

Question 9: The paper money of ________ is part of the physical form of Zimbabwe’s four incarnations of the dollar ($ or Z$).
Turks and Caicos IslandsSaint HelenaZimbabweCayman Islands

Question 10: The banknotes which carried his ________ are referred to as the Leonard Tsumba series.
AuthenticationAutographUnited StatesSignature


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