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Bank of Scotland: Quiz


Question 1: ________ 1861-1862
John Campbell, 2nd Marquess of BreadalbaneHenry John Temple, 3rd Viscount PalmerstonFox Maule-Ramsay, 11th Earl of DalhousieGeorge Campbell, 8th Duke of Argyll

Question 2: However, the ________ tabled a rival offer, and a bitter takeover battle ensued, with the Royal Bank the victor.
National Westminster BankBank of IrelandRoyal Bank of ScotlandBarclays

Question 3: The first international office opened in ________, Texas, followed by more in the United States, Moscow and Singapore.
HoustonGreater HoustonBellaire, TexasSugar Land, Texas

Question 4: In 1972, Gaelic activist Iain Noble persuaded the bank to issue him with its first Gaelic (actually bilingual) ________.

Question 5: Although established soon after the ________ (1694), the Bank of Scotland was a very different institution.
European Central BankBank of EnglandGreater LondonPound sterling

Question 6: £50 note featuring a vignette of ________ and culture

Question 7: [1] Its first rival, the ________ was formed by Royal Charter in 1727.
BarclaysRoyal Bank of ScotlandBank of IrelandNational Westminster Bank

Question 8: A proposal to merge with the ________ was explored, but later rejected.
Northern RockBradford & BingleyAbbey (bank)Alliance & Leicester

Question 9: £20 note featuring a vignette of education and ________
Scholarly methodScientific methodAcademic publishingResearch

Question 10: [6] The Bank also expanded into consumer credit with the purchase of ________ based, North West Securities (now Capital Bank).
WinsfordFrodshamChesterEllesmere Port

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