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Bank of America: Quiz


Question 1: [46] This acquisition made Bank of America the largest ________ company in the world.
Bond (finance)Financial servicesCitigroupInvestment banking

Question 2:
What is the slogan of Bank of America?
Radio Maanei Foorti
Bank of Opportunity
"Family Friendly"
A Level Above

Question 3: deposits, as of August 2009,[14] and is one of the Big Four Banks of the United States, along with ________, JP Morgan Chase and Wells Fargo — its main competitors.
CitigroupCIT GroupNational City Corp.Lehman Brothers

Question 4:
What is the revenue of Bank of America?
US $15,200,000
$ 113.10 billion -
62.1 bn roubles
US$1.206 billion

Question 5:

Question 6:
What timezone is North Hollywood shootout in?

Question 7: Bank of America Building in ________
Orlando, FloridaMiamiGreater OrlandoTampa, Florida

Question 8:
How many employees does Bank of America have?
282,408, -
Approximately 8,000

Question 9: Charles O. Holliday, Chairman and former CEO of ________[81]
HSBC Bank USADuPontSunocoComcast

Question 10: BA-Lepanto Building, ________,Philippines.
Makati CityQuezon CityMarikina CityManila

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