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Bani: Quiz


Question 1: The Banis Japji Sahib, ________, Tav-Parsad Savaiye, should be read daily according to the Sikh Rehat Maryada.
Chaupai (Sikhism)Sikh scripturesRehrasJaap Sahib

Question 2: Gurbani is the term used by ________ to refer to any compositions of the Gurus.
SikhSikh diasporaSikhismMazhabi

Question 3: Rehras Sahib is read in the evening (at sunset) and ________ before going to sleep at night.
Anand SahibShabad HazarayAsa di VarKirtan Sohila

Question 4: ________[1] — English translation
Kirtan SohilaAnand SahibShabad HazarayAsa di Var

Question 5: Extracts from ________ ji are called Gutkas (small books) containing sections of Gurbani.
Dasven Padshah Da GranthSikhismSikhGuru Granth Sahib


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