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Bangsamoro: Quiz


Question 1: However, after the American occupation of the islands (as well as the ________) the area was slowly integrated into the rest of the country.
Moro RebellionPhilippine–American WarKatipunanPhilippine Revolution

Question 2: Currently, the ________ (MILF) seeks to establish an independent Islamic state in this area.
PhilippinesMoro Islamic Liberation FrontLaban ng Demokratikong PilipinoMoro National Liberation Front

Question 3: The term comes from the Malay word bangsa, meaning nation or people, and the Spanish word moro, from the older Spanish word for ________, the Reconquista-period term for Arabs or Muslims.
MoorsAl-AndalusBerber peopleSpain

Question 4: However, claims were suspended due to a peace agreement in ________.

Question 5: Two decades after the ________ reclaimed its independence from the U.S., the area was claimed by the Moro National Liberation Front, who intended it to become the "Moro homeland" separate from the Republic of the Philippines.
East TimorPapua New GuineaUnited StatesPhilippines

Question 6: These include the Maguindanaoan, the Maranao and ________.
TausūgMoro peopleChinese FilipinoFilipino people

Question 7: Other interpretations may include territories that use to form North Borneo including Sabah, ________ and the islands of Sipadan and Ligitan.
Victoria, LabuanMalaysiaKampung Gersik SagukingLabuan

Question 8: It may also refer to the ________, in general.
Filipino peopleMoro peopleIlocano peopleTausūg

Question 9: Bangsamoro or Moroland is the homeland of the ________.
TausūgFilipino peopleIlocano peopleMoro people

Question 10: This area is currently under the ________.
MalaysiaPhilippinesNorth Borneo disputeNorth Borneo

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