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Bandwidth (signal processing): Quiz


Question 1: Bandwidth is typically measured in ________, and may sometimes refer to passband bandwidth, sometimes to baseband bandwidth, depending on context.
HertzJouleVoltPascal (unit)

Question 2: In ________ and other digital fields, the term bandwidth often refers to a data rate measured in bits per second, for example network throughput.
Virtual private networkTelecommunicationInternetComputer networking

Question 3: Bandwidth in hertz is a central concept in many fields, including electronics, information theory, radio ________, signal processing, and spectroscopy.
CommunicationMicrobiologySocial sciencesScientific method

Question 4: A ________ bandwidth is synonymous to the upper cutoff frequency, i.e.
ModemOrthogonal frequency-division multiplexingBasebandModulation

Question 5: For instance, this signal would require a ________ with cutoff frequency of at least W to stay intact.
Butterworth filterElectronic filterRC circuitLow-pass filter

Question 6: In ________, the term bandwidth occurs in a variety of meanings:
NanophotonicsPhotonicsPhotonic computingBiophotonics

Question 7: Passband bandwidth is the difference between the upper and lower cutoff frequencies of, for example, an ________, a communication channel, or a signal spectrum.
Network synthesis filtersElectronic filterLinear filterPassive analogue filter development

Question 8: In signal processing and control theory the bandwidth is the frequency at which the ________ system gain drops 3 dB below peak.
CyberneticsNorbert WienerKevin WarwickControl theory

Question 9: In case of a lowpass filter or ________ signal, the bandwidth is equal to its upper cutoff frequency.
BasebandModulationOrthogonal frequency-division multiplexingModem

Question 10: The 3 dB bandwidth of an ________ is the part of the filter's frequency response that lies within 3 dB of the response at its peak, which is typically at or near its center frequency.
Network synthesis filtersElectronic filterLinear filterPassive analogue filter development


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