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Banda Sea: Quiz


Question 1: The Banda Sea is the sea of the South Moluccas in ________, technically part of the Pacific Ocean but separated from it by hundreds of islands, as well as the Halmahera and Ceram Seas.

Question 2: Islands bordering the Banda Sea include Sulawesi to the west, Buru, ________, Ceram, Aru Islands, Barat Daya Islands, to the Tanimbar Islands, the Kai Islands and Timor in the East.
Portuguese EmpireMaluku IslandsMadagascarAmbon Island

Question 3: Although the borders of the sea are hazardous to ________, with many small rocky islands, the middle of the sea is relatively open.
NavigationGlobal Positioning SystemAmateur radio direction findingCompass

Question 4: [3] The base for visiting these islands is by plane or ship from ________ to the north, the largest of the Maluku Islands.
Ambon IslandMadagascarPortuguese EmpireTernate

Question 5: Island groups within the sea include the ________.
Banda IslandsNutmegMaluku IslandsAmbon Island

Question 6: The southern margin of the sea consists of island arcs above ________.
Mid-ocean ridgeVolcanic arcSubductionConvergent boundary

Question 7: To the east of the Sunda Trench is the Timor Trough which lies south of ________, the Tanimbar Trough south of the Tanimbar Islands and the Aru Trough east of the Aru Islands.
Southeast AsiaEast TimorIndonesiaTimor

Question 8: These islands are covered in mostly intact rain forest and home to a number of ________ plants and animals including twenty-one birds, a very high number for this small ecoregion.

Question 9: To the northeast lies Seram Island which overlies the subduction of the Bird's Head Plate of ________.
Papua (province)Western New GuineaPost-Suharto eraIndonesia


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