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Banachek: Quiz


Question 1: [5][6] He also took part in an investigation with Randi exploring ________, which ultimately exposed Popoff's false claims.
Peter PopoffJames RandiDon Stewart (preacher)Johnny Carson

Question 2: Interview with Banachek at ________ web site
James RandiCriss AngelPhenomenon (TV series)Uri Geller

Question 3: Born in England and raised in South Africa and ________, Banachek has been performing since his arrival in the United States in 1976.
AustraliaBarbadosUnited KingdomCanada

Question 4: [1] Banachek has written books on mentalism, such as Psychological Subtleties, and invented various magic and mentalism effects, including the Penn & Teller ________ and the original "buried alive."
MicromagicBullet catchMagic (illusion)Escapology

Question 5: Banachek is renowned for fooling scientists at Washington University into believing that his supposed psychic abilities were genuine during the ________ hoax in the early 1980s.
Project AlphaUri GellerJames RandiMarcello Truzzi

Question 6: In 2008 he toured as part of a stage show called Hoodwinked with ________, Todd Robbins and Richard Turner.
Gröna LundBerns SalongerBob ArnoBanachek

Question 7: The entertainers include Penn & Teller, David Blaine, Lance Burton, James Randi and ________.
Doug HenningCarl BallantineDavid Copperfield (illusionist)Criss Angel


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