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Question 1: Ban Chao was recalled to ________, but then sent again to the Western Region area four years later, during the reign of the new emperor Han Zhangdi.

Question 2: It is currently in service for the ________.
Republic of China ArmyRepublic of China Armed ForcesRepublic of China Air ForceRepublic of China Navy

Question 3: Pan Chao (1108) is a frigate built in ________ based on the Oliver Hazard Perry class-design.
Taiwanese aboriginesPhilippinesTaiwanTaiwanese people

Question 4: The Yuezhi retreated and paid tribute to the Chinese Empire from then on, until they managed to install their own king in ________ in 116.
KashgarTurpanXinjiangIli Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture

Question 5: He obtained the military help of the ________ in 84 in repelling the Kangju who were trying to support the rebellion of the king of Kashgar, and the next year in his attack on Turpan, in the eastern Tarim Basin.
Kushan EmpireMaurya EmpirePala EmpireGupta Empire

Question 6: He repelled the Xiongnu and secured Chinese control over the ________ region.
Tarim BasinTaklamakan DesertXinjiangSilk Road

Question 7: In recognition for their support to the Chinese, the Kushans (referred to as ________ in Chinese sources) requested, but were denied, a Han princess, even though they had sent presents to the Chinese court.
Indo-GreeksYuezhiGreco-Bactrian KingdomKushan Empire

Question 8: The kingdoms of Loulan, Khotan and ________ came under Chinese rule.
XinjiangTurpanIli Kazakh Autonomous PrefectureKashgar

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