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Question 1: The Portal - A ________ like object with a face.
PizzaItalian-American cuisineBreadBreakfast

Question 2: Piderman – A lazy, slightly overweight being based on the ________ superhero Spider-Man.
Marvel EntertainmentMarvel StudiosMarvel AnimationMarvel Comics

Question 3: The show proved popular enough in its beginnings to be featured on ________, and has been picked up by MondoMedia's YouTube channel, with new episodes gaining thousands of views per day.
X-PlayG4 (TV channel)TechTVAttack of the Show!

Question 4: Tuba – A semi-sentient ________ that first appeared in "Make Da Band"[1] and has appeared in every episode since.
Brass instrumentTubaEuphoniumTrumpet

Question 5: Baman Piderman, also titled Baman & Piderman, is a popular series of ________ Flash cartoons by Alex Butera and Lindsay Small.
World Wide WebInternetInternet Relay ChatE-mail

Question 6: Tuba's Dad - A ________ with a mustache, who lives in a small house in the forest, beyond the portal.
CornetEuphoniumMarching bandSousaphone

Question 7: Baman – A rubbery being based on the DC Comics superhero ________.
Copperhead (DC Comics)Superman/BatmanBatmanSuperman & Batman: Generations

Question 8: It has also appeared on the popular G4 TV show, ________.
The Screen SaversTechTVX-PlayAttack of the Show!

Question 9: Pumkin – A ________ that debuted in the episode "Hab Da Pumkin"[2] and has been a major supporting character since.
United StatesPumpkinFolic acidVitamin

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