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Balun: Quiz


Question 1: Many better ________ now have both a balanced UTP output and an unbalanced coaxial one via an internal balun, though any camera can be used with an external balun.
Mass surveillanceClosed-circuit televisionTraffic enforcement cameraIP camera

Question 2: Something as simple as 10 turns of ________ coiled up on a diameter about the size of a dinner plate makes an extremely effective choke balun for frequencies from about 10MHz to beyond 30 MHz.
BNC connectorCoaxial cableTwin-leadF connector

Question 3: Since this bandwidth is now well within range of modern ________ cables, they are now being used to send video which would otherwise run over coaxial cable.
TIA/EIA-568-BTwisted pairCategory 5 cable8P8C

Question 4: A balun, pronounced /ˈbæl.ʌn/ ("bal-un"), is a type of electrical transformer that can convert ________ signals that are balanced about ground (differential) to signals that are unbalanced (single-ended) and vice versa.
Electric currentElectromagnetismElectric chargeElectricity

Question 5: Isolated transformers have a real impedance at a resonance frequency where self-inductance and self-________ for each individual winding cancel themselves out.
CapacitanceMaxwell's equationsMagnetismCoulomb's law

Question 6: In an autotransformer, two ________ on a ferrite rod can be used as a balun by winding the individual strands of enameled wire comprising the coil very tightly together.
InductorCoilElectromagnetTesla coil

Question 7: To avoid EMC problems it is a good idea to connect a centre fed ________ to coaxial cable via a balun.
Phased arrayHelical antennaAntenna (radio)Dipole antenna

Question 8: In ________, baluns are used in coupling signals onto a power line.
ModemPower line communicationWiMAXWi-Fi

Question 9: The Guanella transmission line transformer is often combined with a balun to act as an ________ transformer.
Antenna (radio)Electrical impedanceCapacitorImpedance matching

Question 10: Baluns can be considered as simple forms of transmission line ________.
Transformer typesInductorNikola TeslaTransformer


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