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Baltistan: Quiz


Question 1: Muslim writers about the 16th century speak of Baltistan as Little Tibet, and of ________ as Great Tibet, thus ignoring the really Great Tibet altogether.
LehKorzok MonasteryLadakhZanskar

Question 2: Baltistan (Urdu: بلتستان), also known as بلتیول (Baltiyul) in the ________, is a region in northern Pakistan, bordering Xinjiang Autonomous Region of China.
Ladakhi languageTibetan languagesBurushaskiBalti dialect

Question 3: This article incorporates text from the article "Ladakh and Baltistan" in the Encyclopædia Britannica, Eleventh Edition, a publication now in the ________.
Copyright infringementPublic domainCopyrightIntellectual property

Question 4: It is inhabited principally by Balti Shia Ithna Ashri, of Tibetan descent who converted from ________ prior to the 16th century.
NaropaTibetan BuddhismAtishaPadmasambhava

Question 5: It is situated in the Karakoram mountains just to the south of ________, the world's second highest mountain.
Broad PeakMount EverestK2Nanga Parbat

Question 6: Baltistan is often called "little ________".
Hong KongTaiwanTibetArunachal Pradesh

Question 7: The region has the highest peaks of the Karakoram, including ________.
Mount EverestNanga ParbatK2Broad Peak

Question 8: The capital, ________, a scattered collection of houses, stands here, perched on a rock 7,250 ft (2,210 m).

Question 9: The Kargil district of this region is located in the north of Indian-administered Kashmir, while the districts of Skardu and ________, whose main town is Skardu, are located in the Pakistan-administered Gilgit-Baltistan region.
Skardu DistrictGilgit DistrictDiamer DistrictGhanche District

Question 10: Along with Gilgit, it is now claimed by Pakistan as the region of ________ (formerly Northern Areas).
Azad KashmirSindhPunjab (Pakistan)Gilgit-Baltistan


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