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Baltimore class cruiser: Quiz


Question 1: The ship struggled through 70-knot winds to ________, where provisional repairs were made before sailing to the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard for a full reconstruction.
PalauGuamTuvaluMarshall Islands

Question 2: The onboard flight systems of the Baltimore-class cruisers during World War II consisted of two ________ on the side edges of the aft deck.
Aircraft carrierFlight deckAircraft catapultUnited States Navy

Question 3: The planes were ________ and after their missions would land in the water near the cruiser and be lifted back up into the ship by the crane or cranes in the rear and reset upon their catapults.
HU-16 AlbatrossSeaplaneFlying boatPBY Catalina

Question 4: By 1963, only one unmodified ship, the Saint Paul, remained active to serve in the ________.
Korean WarVietnam WarCentral Intelligence AgencyCold War

Question 5: Four ships, the USS Toledo, USS Macon, USS Helena, and USS Los Angeles, were also each equipped with three nuclear cruise missiles of the type ________ between 1956 and 1958.
Radioplane BTTAQM-37 JayhawkAIM-7 SparrowSSM-N-8 Regulus

Question 6: The radar systems were replaced in the Korean war with the more effective SPS-6 (built by Westinghouse Electric or later with the SPS-12 (from the ________ combined with a SPS-8 as a height-finder.
RCADavid SarnoffRCA RecordsNBC

Question 7: After the war, the ships were, for the most part, moved to the reserve fleet but then reactivated for the ________.
Sino-Soviet border conflictVietnam WarCold WarKorean War

Question 8: The Baltimore-class was equipped from the start with electronic ________ to determine the fire-parameters by which targets over the horizon could be hit.
Anti-aircraft warfareFire-control systemShip gun fire-control systemsTorpedo

Question 9: Of the fourteen completed ships, twelve were launched before the Japanese capitulation on September 2, 1945, though only seven took part in the battles of the Pacific Theater and one in the ________.
World War IIBattle of FranceEuropean Theatre of World War IIMilitary history of France during World War II

Question 10: The ships in active service longer received further upgrades in their final years: the SPS-6 was replaced with the SPS-37 (also from Westinghouse) and the SPS-12 was replaced with the SPS-10 from ________.
AIM-9 SidewinderRaytheonAIM-120 AMRAAMAGM-65 Maverick


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