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Question 1: Peter von Wrangel, Lieutenant General, one of the leaders in White movement in Southern ________, known there as Pyotr Nikolayevich Wrangel
United StatesMoscowRussian cultureRussia

Question 2: Owing to their German heritage, during World War I Baltic Germans were sometimes seen as the enemy by Russians, yet also as traitors by the ________ if they remained loyal to Russia.
German EmpireAustria–HungaryHoly Roman EmpireGerman colonial empire

Question 3: Several Baltic Germans sided with the Whites during the ________.
Soviet Union1991 Soviet coup d'état attemptRussian Civil WarPolish–Soviet War

Question 4: As a result of the Russian Revolution of 1917 and the subsequent ________, many Baltic Germans fled to Germany.
Polish–Soviet War1991 Soviet coup d'état attemptRussian Civil WarSoviet Union

Question 5: ________ (majority)
Catholicism, Russian Orthodox Church (minority)
LutheranismApostles' CreedSacramental unionProtestant Reformation

Question 6: In 1199, Albert of Buxhoeveden was appointed by Hartwig II, Prince-Archbishop of Bremen, to Christianise the ________.
EstoniaLithuaniaBaltic statesLatvia

Question 7: By 1867 ________'s population was 42.9% German.

Question 8: ________ gave Stalin free rein over these countries and he made immediate use of this to set up Soviet military bases in Estonia and Latvia in late 1939.
Nazi GermanySchutzstaffelNazi PartyAdolf Hitler

Question 9: This was in preparation of an all-out invasion of the Baltics by the ________ in the summer of 1940.
Soviet UnionEast GermanyJoseph StalinRussia

Question 10: ________ was officially abolished in the Baltic provinces in the beginning of 19th century, about half a century earlier than in Russia proper.
Arab slave tradeAbolitionismSerfdomSlavery

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