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Question 1: ________, the study of the passage of the projectile through space or the air; and
External ballisticsInternal ballisticsBallistic coefficientForce

Question 2: A ________ is a missile only guided during the relatively brief initial powered phase of flight and its course is subsequently governed by the laws of classical mechanics.
Intercontinental ballistic missileAnti-ballistic missileAir-to-air missileBallistic missile

Question 3: ________, the study of the processes originally accelerating the projectile, for example the passage of a bullet through the barrel of a rifle;
Internal ballisticsCartridge (firearms)AmmunitionCaliber

Question 4: ________ ballistics involves analysis of bullets and bullet impacts to determine the type.
Forensic scienceForensic anthropologyCSI effectForensic entomology

Question 5: ________, the study of the interaction of a projectile with its target, whether that be flesh (for a hunting bullet), steel (for an anti-tank round), or even furnace slag (for an industrial slag disruptor).
Internal ballisticsTerminal ballisticsSpace debrisExternal ballistics

Question 6: Separately from ballistics information, firearm and tool mark examinations ("________") involve analysing firearm, ammunition, and tool mark evidence in order to establish whether a certain firearm or tool was used in the commission of a crime.
ShotgunBallistic fingerprintingM16 rifleInternal ballistics

Question 7: In the field of forensic science, forensic ballistics is the science of analyzing ________ usage in crimes.
FirearmHandgunAssault rifleM16 rifle

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