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Question 1:
Where did Balkan Wars take place?

Question 2:
Which of the following was a combatant in the Balkan Wars?
Bruce loyalists

Question 3: On 15 August 1909, the ________ a group of Greek officers took action against the government to reform their country's national government and reorganize the army.
GreeceGoudi coupIoannis MetaxasEleftherios Venizelos

Question 4: Throughout the 19th Century, the Great Powers shared different aims over the "________" and the integrity of the Ottoman Empire.
Russo-Turkish War (1877–1878)Eastern QuestionSerbiaOttoman Greece

Question 5:
Who was a commander in the Balkan Wars?
Lennart Torstenson
Brigadier John Inglis
Hasan Tahsin Pasha
George Sinclair of Keiss

Question 6: Following Italy's victory in the ________ of 1911-1912 the Young Turks fell from power after a coup.
Russo-Turkish War (1877–1878)London Straits ConventionBalkan WarsItalo-Turkish War

Question 7: Low intensity warfare had broken out inside Macedonia between the Greek and Bulgarian bands and the Ottoman army after 1904 in the ________.
Greek Struggle for MacedoniaMacedonia (Greece)Internal Macedonian Revolutionary OrganizationIlinden–Preobrazhenie Uprising

Question 8: Its dominance on the ________ made it impossible for the Ottomans to transfer the planned troops from the Middle East to the Thracian (against the Bulgarian) and to the Macedonian (against the Greeks and Serbians) fronts[4].
Samos IslandAegean civilizationsAegean SeaGreece

Question 9: Germany in turn, under the "________" policy, aspired to turn the Ottoman Empire into its own de-facto colony, and thus supported its integrity.
Drang nach OstenNazi GermanyOstsiedlungPrussia

Question 10: Russia wished for access to the "warm waters" of the ________; it pursued a pan-Slavic foreign policy and thereby supported Bulgaria and Serbia.
Mediterranean SeaPacific OceanIndian OceanAtlantic Ocean


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