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Question 1: Basa singgih contains many loanwords from ________ and Javanese.

Question 2: Balinese has been written in two different writing systems: the Balinese script, and in modern times the ________.
Latin alphabetArabic alphabetRunic alphabetPhoenician alphabet

Question 3: Schools in Bali today teach a form of the ________ for writing Balinese, known as Tulisan Bali.
Latin alphabetRunic alphabetPhoenician alphabetArabic alphabet

Question 4: The Balinese script (Carakan) is an abugida, ultimately derived from the Brāhmī script of ________.
India and the Non-Aligned MovementLok SabhaResearch and Analysis WingIndia

Question 5: [2] The Balinese Script is almost the same as ________.
Sundanese scriptJavanese scriptBuhid scriptLontara script

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