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Question 1: In 1113 he also married Adelaide del Vasto; he had abandoned his Armenian wife Arda in 1108, on the pretext that she had been unfaithful, or, according to Guibert of Nogent, because she had been raped by pirates on the way to ________.

Question 2: Under the marriage agreement, if Baldwin and Adelaide had no children, the heir to the kingdom would be ________, Adelaide's son by her first husband Roger I.
Hauteville familyKingdom of SicilyRoger II of SicilyNorman conquest of southern Italy

Question 3: Baldwin accompanied his brothers as far as Heraclea in ________, where he broke away from the main body of the crusaders with Tancred to march into Cilicia.
TurkeyIstanbulTurkish peopleAnatolia

Question 4: He was the brother of ________, who was the first ruler of the crusader state of Jerusalem, although he refused the title of 'king' which Baldwin accepted.
First CrusadeBaldwin I of JerusalemKingdom of JerusalemGodfrey of Bouillon

Question 5: When Godfrey passed through ________, King Coloman demanded a hostage to ensure their good conduct, and Baldwin was handed over until his companions had left Hungarian territory.

Question 6: On 25 December 1100 he was crowned the first king of ________ by the patriarch himself, who had in the meantime given up his opposition to Baldwin, although he refused to crown Baldwin in Jerusalem.

Question 7: Soon after, the city fell to the crusaders, forming the nucleus of the ________.
Principality of AntiochCounty of EdessaCounty of TripoliKingdom of Jerusalem

Question 8: In September of that year Baldwin defeated the ________ at the Battle of Ramlah, although it was believed in Jerusalem that the crusader army had been defeated and Baldwin had been killed.
CairoCoptEgyptiansAncient Egypt

Question 9: This was the second movement of crusaders; the first, the People's Crusade, had been composed of the lower classes and caused much destruction on their march before being destroyed in ________.
AnatoliaIstanbulTurkeyTurkish people

Question 10: In 1110 ________ was added to the territory of Jerusalem, again with help from the Genoese.

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