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Baldwin II of Constantinople: Quiz


Question 1: He was also to marry ________, daughter of John and his third wife Berenguela of Leon, and on John's death to enjoy the full imperial sovereignty.
Marie of BrienneBeatrice of SicilyCharles I of NaplesLatin Empire

Question 2: Circumstances hindered him from accomplishing anything with this help, and in 1245 he traveled again to the West, first to Italy and then to ________, where he spent two years.
United KingdomUnited StatesFranceCanada

Question 3: In 1261 Constantinople was captured by ________, and Baldwin’s rule came to an end.
Constantine XI PalaiologosMichael VIII PalaiologosAndronikos II PalaiologosJohn III Doukas Vatatzes

Question 4: He escaped in a Venetian galley to Negropont, and then proceeded to Athens, thence to ________, finally to France.

Question 5: The rest of his reign was spent by Baldwin in mendicant tours in western ________.
Western EuropeEuropeBalkansEastern Europe

Question 6: His efforts met with success, and in 1240 he returned to Constantinople (through ________ and Hungary) at the head of a considerable army.

Question 7: Philip was later redeemed by ________.
MoorsAl-AndalusSpainAlfonso X of Castile

Question 8: In 1267 he went to Italy; his hopes were centred on ________.
Charles I of NaplesLouis IX of FranceRobert I, Count of ArtoisAlfonso, Count of Poitou

Question 9: In 1237, Baldwin II pawned the ________ to a Venetian merchant for 13,134 gold pieces.
Holy LanceLouis IX of FranceCrown of ThornsCatholic Church

Question 10: He went to the West in 1236, visited Rome, France and ________, trying to raise money and men to recover the lost territory of his realm.
BelgiumFlandersLilleSouthern Netherlands


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