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Question 1: Around 1150 Baldwin refortified ________ to place some pressure on the nearby Egyptian outpost of Ascalon, and in 1153 Baldwin successfully besieged and captured Ascalon itself.
BethlehemPalestinian peopleGazaNablus

Question 2: When the matter was settled, Hodierna was about to return to Jerusalem with them, when Raymond was murdered by the ________.
IsmailismShia IslamHassan-i SabbahHashshashin

Question 3: In 1148 the crusade finally arrived in Jerusalem, led by Louis VII of France, his wife ________, and Conrad III of Germany.
Mary, Queen of ScotsBlanche of CastileHenry II of EnglandEleanor of Aquitaine

Question 4: Baldwin was unable to help defend Turbessel, the last remnant of the County of Edessa, and was forced to cede it to ________ Manuel I Comnenus in August 1150.
List of Byzantine emperorsConcise list of Roman EmperorsList of Roman EmperorsRoman Emperor

Question 5: Baldwin was, however, able to capture Harim, a former territory of ________, and in 1158 he defeated Nur ad-Din himself.

Question 6: With Syria united under one ruler, Jerusalem now had to look to the south, towards ________, if it wanted to expand.

Question 7: Egypt was weakened by civil wars as well, after the succession of a series of young ________ caliphs.
Fatimid CaliphateUmayyad CaliphateRashidun CaliphateAbbasid Caliphate

Question 8: He was the eldest son of Melisende and Fulk of Jerusalem, and the grandson of ________.
Baldwin I of JerusalemBaldwin III of JerusalemKingdom of JerusalemBaldwin II of Jerusalem

Question 9: In 1144, he captured Edessa, which was a shock to the Western world and led to call for a ________.
CrusadesSecond CrusadeFirst CrusadeWendish Crusade

Question 10: According to ________, Fulk had not completely seen to the defense of the Crusader states in the north, and it was there that Zengi was most threatening.
William of TyreKingdom of JerusalemGuy of LusignanAmalric I of Jerusalem


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