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Bakhchisaray: Quiz


Question 1: The town is best known among Russian speakers for its Romantic associations with ________'s poem The Fountain of Bakhchisaray (1822).
Mikhail GlinkaMikhail LermontovVasily ZhukovskyAlexander Pushkin

Question 2: ________ dedicated some of the finest poems in his Crimean Sonnets (1825) to the landmarks of Bakhchisaray.
Adam MickiewiczJuliusz SłowackiFrédéric ChopinMikhail Glinka

Question 3: An asteroid 3242 Bakhchisaraj discovered by Soviet astronomer ________ in 1979 is named after the town.
Lyudmila KarachkinaLyudmila Chernykh3054 StrugatskiaNikolai Chernykh

Question 4: The name comes from Persian باغچه‌ سرای (________ bâqce sarây) and means the Garden Palace.
KaphPerso-Arabic scriptAlephRomanization of Persian

Question 5: Bakhchisaray (Ukrainian: Бахчисарай, Russian: Бахчисарай, Crimean Tatar: Bağçasaray, Turkish: Bahçesaray) is a town in Central ________, centre of the Bakhchisaray raion (district), best known as the former capital of the Crimean Khanate.
South OssetiaNakhchivanCrimeaGagauzia

Question 6: Since then, it was the capital of the ________ and the center of political and cultural life of the Crimean Tatar people.
Golden HordeCrimean Autonomous Soviet Socialist RepublicKhazarsCrimean Khanate

Question 7: Located in a narrow valley of the Çürük Suv river which is known as an old local center of civilization (the first artifacts of human presence in the valley date up to the ________).
MesolithicStone Age10th millennium BC9th millennium BC


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